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UNDEFIABLE: cannot be defied

Are you the kind of person who makes promises, and then just gives in easily? Do you back down in the face of challenge instead of making sure you get what you want? Or maybe you're a leader who's not leading...

Imagine, just for a moment, that you could know undefiably that when you stand in your truth, you can back yourself to follow through with those promises. Imagine how you would feel, and what your life would be like!



Nature knows a thing or two about undefiable power. Take a tree in a storm, for instance. In order to survive the storm unscathed, the tree trunk has to be so strong that the storm can rage, and the tree not only remains standing, but may not even be phased by the storm.




What the UNDEFIABLE course is
UNDEFIABLE is a 12-week online self-study course for anyone looking to withstand life's storms and follow through on your intentions without falling into self-doubt, self-disgust or other negative self-judgment patterns.

During the 12-week UNDEFIABLE course, you will learn and practice how to 

  • clarify your plans and follow through on them

  • remain focused on your goals when challenged

  • expand your comfort zone or window of tolerance

  • let the past be in the past

  • transcend judgments, negative attitudes and assumptions, and preconceived ideas that don't serve you

  • trust yourself, and consequently, trust others

  • exert power you may not even know you have

  • regain your composure, should you lose it momentarily

  • exude confidence

  • find the fun in challenge!

What you get (version 1)

  • 10 self-study modules in UNDEFIABLE to be completed in 1-2 weeks' time each for a total of 12 weeks.

  • A workbook to keep track of your lessons and progress.

  • Access to the UNDEFIABLE Facebook group where you can keep in touch with the teacher and your fellow students.

  • Bonus: access to the self-study course GOAL which is designed to help you clarify your goals.


  • Two live Q&A sessions with teacher Miriam Segal. Recordings of the Q&A sessions will be available to all participants.








When you get it
Access to the first module is available upon payment of the course fee. A new module will be made available every 1-2 weeks.

What UNDEFIABLE costs (version 1)
The price for the 12-week course, the workbook, access to the UNDEFIABLE Facebook group, the bonus GOAL online course, and two Q&A sessions is

                US$500! (NOK5000)


BUT WAIT! There's another option!

Not everybody is fond of the self-study solution. Some people prefer extra teaching and follow-up. There's a solution for that, as well.

UNDEFIABLE is available as a VIP version - hurray!

What UNDEFIABLE VIP costs (version 2)

You get the 12-week course, the workbook, access to the UNDEFIABLE Facebook group, the bonus GOAL online course, and 2 Q&A sessions PLUS 4 group seminars with extra teaching and feedback on your progress for


Ready to become UNDEFIABLE? By all means,
don't let me stop you. Sign up now!


There's no time to lose!

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Need more info?

Click the button below,

and I will send you the brochure.




Want to know more?

US$750! (NOK7500)

Videoen er på engelsk, men kurset er på norsk.

I so wish, Miriam, that you had done this class six years ago, because as I read your brochure, I felt like I was reading a story of what I’ve been through over the course of the last six years, the journey of my life, and as I read that, I thought, ‘Man, if this had been available six years ago in a 12-week program, I would have saved myself so much wonderful time!’ […] I’m excited for you to be offering this, and I’m excited for your participants to be exposed to this material. I think it’s just fantastic.

                     - Bobby Cobb, Reductive Liberation Hypnotist & Coach

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